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Metal Artwork - West Coast

Metal Artwork - Gitxsan/Cree Artist, Trevor Husband

Metal Artwork - Coast Salish Artist, Joe Wilson

Metal Artwork, Kwakwaka’wakw Artist, Harold Alfred

Metal Artwork - Kwakwaka'wakw Artist, Trevor Hunt

Metal Artwork - Coast Salish Artist, George Stokes

Metal Artwork - Custom Signs

Artist Bios

Jerrod L. Pinder,  Artist, Nanaimo, Vancouver Island, BC. Canada  

Jerrod  is originally from Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada.  In the 1980’s he settled with his family to Vancouver Island permanently.  On moving to the island he instantly fell in love with the west coast, and all its beautiful surroundings.

Jerrod’s career began in engineering, and manufacturing for over a decade.  He began over the years to work with other artists combining technical design with physical  art.  Several commissions have been done for a variety of clients across North America, and Europe.

Many of his designs are inspired by his love for the ocean and wildlife on Vancouver Island, and across British Columbia.  Jerrod is an avid sport fisherman, and many of his designs reflect his passion for the west coast.

Trevor Husband

Trevor Husband, First Nations Artist, Shawnigan Lake, Vancouver Island, BC. Canada

Trevor Husband is a Gitxsan/Cree Native artist.  He was born and raised on Haida Gwaii, and after 15 years in Vancouver he now calls the Cowichan Valley home.

After spending a decade working at music and acting, Trevor turned his talents towards carving, and apprenticed under Salish artist Herb Rice.

He now works with wood and metal, and blends traditional Northwest Native art with a contemporary feel to produce unique designs.

Visit Trevor's website at trevorhusbandnativeart.com

Joe Wilson, First Nations Artist, Cowichan Valley, Vancouver Island, BC. Canada

Joe Wilson was born in 1967 into the Cowichan Tribes Native Band and was raised in Duncan, British Columbia, Canada. His interest in art began in elementary school and when he was in grade 12 he made his own silkscreen print editions. Joe first began selling his carvings at age 17 at a local Koksilah store. Since 1984 his work has reflected his search for his own cultural identity in Coast Salish art.

His colours are bold and unconventional, yet extremely appealing and rich. His work is not only authentic by native tradition, it is also an artistic communication link between cultures. Joe's talent continue to bring him the recognition that is reserved for outstanding artists. 

Harold Alfred, First Nations Artist, Alert Bay, Vancouver Island, BC. Canada

Harold Jackson Alfred is a 'Namgis artist from Alert Bay, B.C. currently living with his family in Victoria, B.C. Canada.

Harold has been creating artwork for sale for more than fourty years and has had the privilege of working with and learning from such artists as Tony Hunt Sr, Beau Dick, Wayne Alfred ,Doug Cranmer, Henry Hunt Sr, Oscar Matilpi and Bruce Alfred. Of great influence was the artwork of Willie Seaweed, Charlie James and Mungo Martin.

We were taught the beauty of nature which surrounded us in all its riches and have tried to capture some of this beauty in all our artwork. Besides learning the fundamental and principles of Northwest Coast design, he also learned the importance of setting high standards in all his endeavors.

Harold continues the Kwakwaka'wakw tradition of creating bold and innovative artwork based on the fundamentals of Northwest Coast design which in itself is constantly changing and evolving. Creating in the tradition of his forefathers, he creates in a style that is distinctively his own.

George Stokes, First Nations Artist, Squamish, BC. Canada

George is a Squamish Nation artist, and has created different artwork such as: Masks, Totem Poles, Rattles, Bowls, Talk Sticks, Canes, and Plaques using Red/Yellow cedar as the primary medium. His inspiration is to keep traditional art alive, and pass it on to future generations.

George started his career in 1985 with guidance from his uncle Cody Mathias an accomplished Squamish artist. Additional artists that has inspired his artwork are Rocky Mathias, and Charles August.

George has also worked with renowned artist Bill Reid and Don Yoemans in 1989 creating a totem pole that stands in the auditorium of Kitsalano Secondary School. Working with such esteemed artists has inspired George to produce his artwork from not just wood, but with other mediums. These include: paintings, embroidery,  vinyl, and most recently transferring designs on clothing.    

George hopes through his artwork to bring more recognition to the art and culture of the Squamish nation past, present, and future.

Trevor Hunt, First Nations Artist, Fort Rupert, Vancouver Island, BC. Canada

Trevor Hunt was born March 9, 1975. He is part of the great Hunt family of Fort Rupert on Vancouver Island in British Columbia, Canada.

He comes from a long line of hereditary carvers and artists that have been instrumental in the survival of the Kwakiutl art form on the Northwest Coast. His father is Stan Hunt, his grandfather was Henry Hunt and his great-grandfather was Mungo Martin.

He has been painting original graphic interpretations of Kwakiutl myths and stories for over 14 years, and carving wood for 35 years under the tutelage of his father Stan and his brother Jason. His other teachers include Tim Alfred and David Knox.

He was part of a group–which included his brother Jason, and cousins, Mervyn Child, and Calvin Hunt–that carved a massive 52 ft totem pole.  He recently completed a thirty-eight foot painting of a Killerwhale on the roof of a resort in Telegraph, B.C. and designed the
logo for the Thunderbird Shopping Plaza in Port Hardy, B.C. In 1994 he was chosen to be published after a nationwide search for young artists. In 1995 he designed the logo for Kwaguʼł District Counsel.

Trevor currently lives in Fort Rupert, the traditional home of the Kwakiutl people, with his wife and children. He continues to study the Kwakiutl art form.

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