About Us

The Beginning

Ruggid Coast in the beginning originally started to bring a new line of Canadian made products for sport fishing, and the outdoor market.  We started out with a few products.

One of our customers at the time approached us, and asked to to make few pieces of artwork for their store.  Specifically we designed a few salmon designs that they thought would do well in the store.

Shortly after more customers learned about us, and starting asking if we had any additional artwork we carried.  It grew from there.

We started at first designing west coast themed artwork, and as time went on we started working with direct customers making a variety of custom artwork by commission.

Later as time went on our artwork changed from just west coast artwork, but also home and garden decor. We also eventually started to collaborate with other First Nations artists in addition to carrying our own artwork.

The "Ruggid" Name

Originally we wanted a name that reflected our love if the west coast where we live in Vancouver Island in Canada. Rugged Coast was chosen, but one small problem.
Several businesses worldwide use the name, and we felt it just did not stand out enough. The decision was made to keep Rugged Coast as our brand name, but spell it differently.
The spelling of our unique name "Ruggid" is for a reason.  The "i" in Ruggid stands for our island we live on (Vancouver Island) to remind our customers where our artwork comes from. 

Our Success

First off we are small family business, and have a great set of customers we work with that support us.

Today at Ruggid Coast we have have carry a unique of product line of Home Decor,  First Nations, and West Coast metal artwork at number of galleries, and gift shops across Canada and the USA.

We also continue to work on commissions, and many custom projects.

Our Quality

Our quality of our products we carry is extremely important to us.  Our goal is to give you artwork we would buy, and enjoy ourselves.

All of our metal artwork we carry is finished with high quality professional powder coating which is very durable.

Made in Canada

All of our products are designed, and made locally on Vancouver Island, British Columbia, Canada.  They are 100% made in Canada, and all of our artists live locally on Vancouver Island, and in the Vancouver area.

We always believe it is important to keep our manufacturing and design within Canada so it benefits our local economy.

Collaboration of First Nations Artwork

We make a unique line of metal artwork with original designs from First Nations artists in addition to our own artwork.

These designs are originals from the artists.  Some of the designs styles we carry are Coast Salish, Gitxsan/Cree, and Kwakwaka'wakw.

Each First Nations design we carry at Ruggid Coast is a true collaboration between our artists, and ourselves.

Each design isn't just put up on a wall from concept. We try to work with our artists to ensure that the design can be made on metal, and that the artist is happy with the design before we translate it to metal artwork.

Every time you purchase any First Nations artwork a portion of each sale of the artwork goes directly to the artist.

It is extremely important to us each artist is treated fairly for there own work. We always work closely with our galleries and gift shops to ensure the artist is represented, and promoted.