Ruggid Coast

Hummingbird With Moon

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Collaboration with Joe Wilson (Sxwaset), First Nations Coast Salish artist.

  • 16 ga steel construction.
  • Clear, Black or Red Powdercoat Finish.
  • Made in Canada on Vancouver Island, BC
  • Two sizes available.

The Hummingbird and Moon is a design by Joe Wilson (Sxwaset).

It shows the hummingbird hovering in mid air, face to the moon. In the moon, we see an owl, or eagle face. According to the artist, this is a matter of interpretation, and it makes sense to interpret the face of the moon as an owl, who are most active at night.

To the First Nations of the Northwest coast, the hummingbird is a messenger of joy. They are good omens and symbols for intelligence, beauty, devotion, and love. The hummingbird derives its name from the sound the wings make when the bird is in flight, or hovering. The wings flap at a rate of up to 80 times per second, depending on the species. They are the smallest of all birds.