Ruggid Coast

Raven Stealing Sun, Standing

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 Design by Trevor Husband, First Nations artist.

  • 16 ga steel construction.
  • Black Powdercoated Finish
  • Made in Canada on Vancouver Island, BC

“Raven steals the sun” A long time ago the earth was dark. The people struggled to be able to find food, all were suffering. Raven had heard of a light far away, so he flew to the longhouse of Sky Chief. Disguising himself as a human, raven went into the longhouse and got close to the glowing chest where the sky chief kept the sun. After tricking the chief into opening his chest, raven grabbed the sun and flew away up through the smoke hole. Then he threw the sun in the sky so that all could enjoy it. This is a common NWC story that exists in different versions up and down the coast.