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Salmon in Unity

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"Salmon in Unity". A collaboration with First nations artist Trevor Husband.

  • Dimensions: 22.5" high x 34.5" width.
  • Finish: Clear coated steel, and powder coated salmon in red/black. Each piece is offset from each other allowing the salmon to pop out in color.
  • Mounting Details: Welded offset brackets to mount on wall.
  • Option:  Wood backing (Cedar).

This piece depicts a male and female salmon swimming in harmony and balance, a teaching from the creator on how we are all interdependent.  The shape of the salmon is similar to the Chinese yin yang, showing the perfect balance of nature. The eggs in the female represent fertility, and continuity of life. The black and red are traditional Northwest colors, and the female is lighter to represent the feminine energy and the black male represents the masculine.  Salmon are connected with generosity and abundance, and they always remember where home is, no matter how far they wander they always return to where they come from.